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Successful Family Therapy Re-builds Relationships

Family therapy focuses on bringing all the members of the family together in order to stop and rework the negative patterns families sometimes encounter. As a therapist, we know it is important to listen carefully to each individual and make impartial sug…

Anxiety Counseling: Methods to Help Alleviate Anxiety

If you ever find yourself struggling to relax, unable to control your mind, nervous or fearful without an obvious cause, you are not alone. Anxiety is more common than you may realize and lucky for you there are several effective ways to alleviate your sy…

The Benefits of Couples Counseling

Why seek couples counseling? After all, the most successful couples are the ones able to handle their issues without professional help, right? Wrong. Seeking therapy doesn't mean your relationship is unable to sustain itself without assistance, nor does i…

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy And How It Can Help

Cognitive behavioral therapy, sometimes abbreviated as CBT, is a form of therapy that can have a positive impact on individuals, couples, and families. Learning more about it and how it can help may allow you to improve behavior and correct problems.

Could It Be PTSD? When to Seek Help

Most people associate PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder with veterans who have experienced the horrors of war, but the truth is PTSD can affect anyone who has experienced or even witnessed a terrifying or life threatening events.

3 Reasons Why Depression Counseling is an Effective Treatment

Without knowing the cause of your depression, treatment will prove to be a difficult task. Emotions, no matter the severity, have an origin and usually begin with your thoughts. A licensed professional can help you dig deep, uncovering some of the long su…

PTSD and The Therapy To Help

​PTSD has grown to become a nation wide health problem today. Almost 7.8 percent of Americans will have dealt with PTSD at some point in their life. PTSD is a disorder that can occur after someone experiences something traumatic such as war, a car acciden…

How Anxiety Counseling Works

Anxiety is something that everyone feels at some point or another. Not everyone bounces back in the same manner, however. Some people feel anxiety at almost all times. You may be able to benefit significantly from anxiety therapy.

3 Tips for When Your Spouse Refuses Couples Counseling

It's a common dilemma: you know that attending couples counseling would help you and your spouse learn to communicate better, gain more intimacy, and navigate your relationship issues, but your spouse refuses to consider the idea.

Dealing with Loss as an Adult (Part 1)

As children, expressing sadness and mixed emotions in the face of loss is expected. It's okay to cry on the first day of kindergarten when your parent walks away, and it's okay to be upset for days when your first pet dies. Parents help their children thr…