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3 Reasons Why Depression Counseling is an Effective Treatment

Without knowing the cause of your depression, treatment will prove to be a difficult task. Emotions, no matter the severity, have an origin and usually begin with your thoughts. A licensed professional can help you dig deep, uncovering some of the long su…
Listed below are some of the reasons why depression counseling may be exactly what you need. Disc

PTSD Therapy That Can Make a Difference

Post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise referred to as PTSD, is a psychiatric disorder that has the ability to impact everyone differently.
stand the constant sense of vulnerability. Depression Counseling Many people who suffer from PTSD suffer

Depression Counseling: Understanding Your Depression

Depression is often a very overlooked topic by many. The fact that it is an illness is what is usually misunderstood. As stated by the NIMH, "[Depression] is a real illness. It is not a sign of a person's weakness or a character flaw. You can't 'snap out …
One of the most important roles that depression counseling can play is identifying the root cause to yo

How Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Can Help With Depression Counseling

Depression is a serious disease that impacts the lives of millions of people across the nation. Managing depression symptoms often requires extensive depression counseling and various treatment modalities. One of the most popular of these is cognitive beh…
itive behavioral therapy has been adapted to depression counseling with a lot of success. In one study…ating Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Into Your Depression Counseling Using this type of behavior with depres

Why the Family Approach in Depression Counseling Works

Everyone in the family suffers when one of its members has a depressive illness. This is why depression counseling succeeds when the entire family becomes involved. Family therapy allows the entire household to participate in the counseling program. The u…
t for success. Contact us to find depression counseling and family counseling.

4 Signs To Seek Depression Counseling

Depression is a very misunderstood illness. Often many people think that having depression just means feeling very sad due to highly stressful situations going on in one's life. They do not see it as an actual illness. As a result, there are many who do n…
So how do you know when it is time to seek depression counseling

Mindfulness Therapy As Part of Depression Counseling

There are several different treatment options for depression. One such method is mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT). This type of therapy works by showing the patient how to use the concept of mindfulness meditation for interrupting and alleviatin…

You Are Not Alone- Depression Counseling

Depression is a mental illness that keeps growing through the country, and lots of people get help, either through medication or counseling. Medication can help lessen the effects, but counseling can help as well.

Treating Depression by Increasing the Levels of Serotonin in the Brain—Part II

Is it really possible to increase the levels of serotonin and decrease depression with food? In order to understand this process, you also need to know that serotonin is made by combining tryptophan and tryptophan hydroxylase. You may not directly be able…

Depression and Self-Care: Finding a new hope.

Somehow, we have this idea that depression is only there or only valid when things are critical. But that simply is not true. The truth is that you can be struggling and still be carrying on. If we resist the urge to fall apart, it seems like everyone j…